Hatch Knoll Farm & Garden Side Dairy

Farmily Farm on the coast of Maine specializing in goat cheese, organic berries, healthy living and more!


Quotes Woke up this rainy morning and decided on "Garlic Lovers Chevre" with Wassa Rosemary Thins and my coffee! Brightened my mood and taste buds! Love, love, love your products!!! Made crabmeat cannelloni for dinner with the organic ricotta and fresh Jonesport crabmeat, what a hit! And we are please that our goat cheese salad is still one of our best sellers! Thank you for all your hard work! Quotes
Julie Barker
Food lover, Helen's Restaurant and Schoppee Farm owner

Quotes I have been getting different chevre from you all summer and Love it...I don't do dariry as I have issues...Today I picked up quite a few to put in the freezer for winter, Kim included her Spiced Pumkin Chevre and for dinner tonight we had a salad with Fetta and Ritz crackers with the Pumpkin Chevre...I had to take it away from my Husband...Thank you Kim!!!! Quotes
Joyce Nielsen

Quotes In this cold and sometimes snowy weather in southern Maine, I think back of the day or days that we took the nice drive downeast to pick up blueberries from your farm. We enjoyed 'snacking' on them on the ride back, but now the pleasure and memories of the blueberries are still vivid in my mind. Hardly a day passes that I don't wake up, come down stairs get the paper, cook oatmeal with a layer of bananas in the dish, covered with blueberries that are sprinkled with cinnamon and covered with hot fresh oatmeal. While the blueberries are thawing, I put the coffee on. Spread the paper on the table and put the dish of oatmeal on the paper and read and eat. This is the way life should be-------truly. Thank you for the treat every day. Quotes
Chuck Kamilewicz
A repeat and repeat customer