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Cheese notes

We would like to share some facts about what we think makes our cheese so special!

Check back often because I will be updating!

Life of bloomy rind cheeses on our farm???


Within an hour of our morning milking we heat treat and culture the milk.

Let it ripen for an hour and add rennet.

After our milk has set up we scoop the curds into a mold.

 Where they are flipped and salted and then removed from the molds and put on drying racks.

Next we flip, salt, watch and wait

Day 3-we see mold! We cover with plastic wrap to create a cave and we wait.

                                                                                                                                                                     Now we wait some more and plan to wrap on day 7. Once wrapped it continues aging for 2 weeks in our fridge!

Our bloomy rinds are so popular I have added more!

Camie our classic camembert

Blooming Log -a log of fresh ripened goat cheese with a layer of vegetable ash underneath the bloom! 

Betsy- A large bloomy soft ripened goat cheese with a line of ash running through it, sold in whole-12-14 ounces, half or quarter. 

Est Ce Que- a mini personal Betsy!

Petite Bouchess - A little mouthful of goodness! A small (2-3 oz) cylinder of aged chevre rolled in ash and aged long enough for a lovely bloom.


What's New???


29 Hatch Knoll Rd Jonesboro 04648


open daily

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Our Cheese is

Available @ The Farm

The French Cellar, Machias

A & B Naturals, Bar Harbor

HouseWine, Bar Harbor

Sweet Pea Cafe-Bar Harbor

Rogue Cafe-Southwest Harbor


Always on the menu @

Helen’s Restaurant, Machias



Town Hill: Fri 3-6

Lubec: Sat. 9-12

Winter Harbor-Tues 9-12

Milbridge: Sat-9-12

Ellsworth: Sat. 9:30-12:30

Eastport: Sat 11-1

Please stay tuned for some exclusive bookings!


a ton of cheese, herbs, eggs and veggies

more to come!

Goat Milk Lotion!!!


Lavender or Peppermint, and......

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